Zen Blocks is an


collection of

3D generative data sculpture NFTs

that are created from your personal wallet history on the

Ethereum blockchain.

All of your previous actions on the blockchain will lead

to the creation of your Zen Block.


Data Blocks are ERC-1155 utility tokens for Zen Blocks.



Data Blocks will be used to redeem Zen Blocks.

1 Data Block = 1 Zen Block


Data Blocks will be opened up to be used for

upgrading and adding new data points to existing Zen Blocks.

Data Blocks & Creation

What are Data Blocks?

Data Blocks are the first step on the path towards Zen Blocks. They can be used as a redeem token for Zen Blocks. They also have further utility to combine with, and upgrade, existing Zen Blocks.

How are the data sculptures created?

Zen Blocks data sculptures are driven by real-life data combined with random inputs mapped to hundreds of parameters in procedural systems to create 100% unique data-driven structures.

How is the data collected and processed?

Collection of the data is triggered when the user burns a Data Block for a Zen Block. The system receives the blockchain history of the collector's wallet and maps the data to a set of values and outputs.

What happens if I mint multiple blocks?

Although the procedures of the data sculpture creation uses the data from your past actions on-chain, we allow some parameters to be completely random based on a seed value, which is still created from your personal wallet. Even if you were to mint more than one Zen Block, you would still end up with multiple very distinctive creations, yet they will share underlying similarities in the data-structure.

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